Are you aware of what triggers your urge to smoke? There are so many layers to smoking. It’s both a habit and an addiction. Pills, lozenges, e-cigarettes and patches are just another habit, and they don’t work. Once your triggers go off, you will have to fight the urge for nicotine, and in most cases, people give in.


If you or someone you love wants to quit smoking cigarettes, keep reading!


Completely Eliminate Your Desire to Smoke

With the neuroscience behind clinical hypnosis, we can remove the hooks in your brain, once and for all, that make you want to smoke. Hypnosis is one of, if not the safest way to eliminate your smoking habit. It’s a way to reset your brain.

Regardless of how long you have smoked, you can quit. I believe in you. Some of my clients come to see me as a last resort. When nothing works, people are willing to try new things.

Many people think that I am the kind of hypnotist who works on stage, and make people do ridiculous things. Clinical Hypnosis is recognized by the American Medical Association. It is safe and can be done virtually, from the comfort of your home.

Tobacco and nicotine in gum, patches and e-cigarettes keeps people addicted. If you want to make smoking completely irrelevant, you can be free, forever.

If you’re willing to try Clinical Hypnosis, you will gain so many health benefits including:

  • wake up feeling fresh and energized
  • experience improvements in mental clarity
  • improvement in skin, slow the effects of aging
  • sense of accomplishment and self-respect
  • save the money you would have spent on cigarettes, gum, patches, e-cigarettes
  • and so much more!

I have helped thousands of people take control back in my San Francisco clinic. At this time, I can only help so many people in person. That has inspired me to create my virtual clinic.

Virtual Clinic

I have created a quit smoking online program to support every step of the journey to freedom from tobacco and nicotine. The full program includes a virtual clinic, 5 hypnosis sessions, and support, all from the comfort of your own home.

I help you to understand the science of what is happening in your body. I teach you a special breath work technique to help you heal and breathe more deeply through your withdrawal symptoms. You will have all that you need to reinforce your takeaways and to prevent you from relapse. It is nearly impossible to fail.

Enjoy freedom…for a lifetime!