Sustainable Weight Loss

Getting healthier and fit is a lifestyle change. Even the word “diet” comes from the Greek word “diaita,” which literally means, “way of life.” It doesn’t mean deprivation or struggle, which is what many people associate with the word, “diet.”
So, to get healthier, to lose body fat, and to get slimmer sustainably, consider that what you are doing is making a way of life that supports these goals. This way when you get to your ideal shape and weight, you just keep that same way of life. This avoids the common yo-yo effect many people experience.
There are three primary areas to address when changing your way of life to be slimmer, healthier, and fit: mentally, dietarily and physically.

Below are valuable resources for your health, wellness, and fitness goals. You can use any one of them, depending on your needs, or at least one from each category for optimum results.*


Brightline Eating Free Webinar

I’ve been very impressed by the work of my friend and colleague Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. I think she has an answer that can provide immediate help to millions wanting to lose weight. That’s why I have become affiliated with Dr. Susan to help get her message out to the millions who need it.

Dr. Susan is a tenured psychology professor with a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Her area of expertise is in the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss.

In a recent seminar hosted by Dr. Susan, I learned some remarkable and unsettling facts about the excess weight humans are packing around.

What is truly startling is that among those who try to lose weight, the failure rate is 99 percent. Literally. Ninety-nine percent do not succeed at getting slim. And for that precious 1 percent who do succeed, the triumph is temporary. The vast majority regain the weight over the next few years. The average dieter spends a whole lot of money and makes four or five new attempts each year, with almost no hope of success. So why can’t people succeed?

That’s what Dr. Susan is going to explain in her free online workshop offered below. She’ll present you with information on how the brain blocks weight loss, and what exactly you can do about it.

Dr. Susan’s Bright Line Eating program is shattering this paradigm and transcending these odds. In fact, recent data shows that an obese person starting Bright Line Eating is 55 times more likely to get into a right-sized body within one year than someone trying any other approach.


The 5-Second Water Hack

A breakthrough experiment from Colorado, USA with 45 volunteers has proven that by eating a certain prickly flower with water you can completely kill food cravings. And it is 5 times more effective than exercise and 6 times more effective than dieting. They found it 3 times more effective than gastric bypass surgery at eliminating cravings for sugar and starchy foods.

Check out this prickly flower that eliminates food cravings and burns away fat without caffeine.


Here are some excellent ways of integrating enjoyable exercise into your daily routine.

The Body Transformation Blueprint

The Body Transformation Blueprint is an amazing, comprehensive program by natural bodybuilder and best-selling author Sean Nalewanyj. His program covers everything from the science of body transformation, fat loss, workouts, progress trackers, meal plans and private online coaching.

* Companies I recommend above give me a “thank you” commission if you buy their programs.