Time to Reinvent YourselfIt doesn’t matter if you’re single or married. Life just doesn’t give you enough time to manage your relationships and the expectations that come with them with your personal life. Be it a girlfriend, wife, mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, workmates, finding any time for yourself is almost impossible.
But the fact of the matter is that everyone needs some ‘me time’. Let’s talk a little bit about why you should take time for yourself every day.
Everyone needs space
Every once in a while you’ll feel like your life’s stuck in a never ending loop. You need to get out of this rut. The truth is this isn’t easy to realize. When you’re going about living your life, you hardly get the chance to understand what’s missing. You’re stuck in your daily routine without having given yourself, or your life any real thought for ages.
You need some time for yourself to get away from it all. To think, to assess your life, and make important decisions if you have to. Creative activities like writing, painting, etc. can do wonders in helping you escape.

Make you feel alive
Your ‘me time’ is the only time when you can discover what makes you feel alive. This is the time when you are answerable to no one. You can do whatever you want to do. Sleep deeply like you’ve never slept before, or maybe do something that you are passionate about and makes you truly happy. There is just nothing quite like doing something just for yourself without any distractions. You need time for yourself, free of anybody else’s opinion to really make you feel alive.
Do try and be mindful of using your ‘me time’ only on relaxing activities. You don’t need to set yourself any deadlines or anything of that sort.

Helps keep things in perspective
Perspectives are by nature quite flexible and change with time and experience. When you’re living life in full flow, you hardly have time to understand everything that you take in on a daily basis. Your perception often fluctuates depending on short term view since your mind just hasn’t been able to grasp the true picture yet. You need time for yourself to let your perceptions settle. By removing yourself from the world, you can actually understand it better.

Promotes independence
Man is a social animal and requires constant social interaction to thrive. But most people overdo it and depend on it too much. Yes, we need social interactions and relationships, but not to the degree that we have made ourselves believe. It takes some doing to go it alone. But by taking time for yourself, you need to prove to yourself that you can do it.
The fact is that most of us would rather spend time with others. For some reason. ‘me time’ or time alone has become undesirable. You should ask yourself, ‘do I depend on others for my happiness?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, the next question to ask is, ‘can I be happy with just myself?’

Helps your personality
If you still aren’t convinced that you need some time for yourself, here’s something that might persuade you. Time to yourself can actually benefit your personality. As we’ve mentioned before, when you spend some ‘me time,’ it helps in relieving stress and distracts you from life’s problems. So by the time you come out of it, you’re relatively stress-free and thus more sociable.
Taking ‘me time’ will also help improve your confidence and self-respect. It will make you understand that you deserve time to yourself, time when you can actually do what you love.