Stress is prevalent in today’s modern world. When ignored, stress doesn’t go away. It builds and we now know that it is at the root of many issues, including anxiety, insomnia, illness, hormonal functioning, and more.

With modern technology, we have access to many tools, programs, and systems to support us in overcoming stress. Yet, these same devices can also cause us stress.

While the demands of daily living have changed, the fact is that humans have been combating stress and using it for survival for centuries.

How Do We Strike a Balance?


Endless scrolling, continual stimulation, pressure to spend money, news about tragedies, crime and disaster.

Does this sound like your social feed?
How many times have you logged onto social media with the intention of finding something specific only find yourself reading a post about something completely different? Perhaps you have forgotten why you logged on in the first place.
Beyond the stress that the endless downloading of information has on the human brain, we have other stressors too. Finance, family, health and wellness, environmental stressors, work stress all take a toll on our systems.

Humans are wired for connection. We celebrate together, we grow together, and we heal together. Some people withdraw when they feel stressed, and this happens for multiple reasons. These may include overwhelm, other symptoms such as depression and anxiety, pride, fear of letting others in. If you are feeling stressed, part of finding a balance is to leverage this connection.

Reach out, ask for help, and know that the people who love you most care about your well-being.


Simple Tips to Help You Find Some Balance

In my Coping With Stress program, here are 3 accessible tips I offer to support you:
  • Become mindful of the things that are causing you to overthink. Rumination or overthinking can greatly increase your stress.
  • If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, remember to take a time out and breathe. Notice what breath does to your mind, body, and emotions.
  • When you are stressing out about failure, remember you are not failing at everything. Even if it’s tiny, notice something that you do well and celebrate it!


To further support you, I am offering my e-book, Being Less Stressed, as a gift to you at no charge. Click here to download it.

Why Is It So Important to Overcome Stress?

While many people use stress as a creative impetus, more often it accumulates unconsciously in the body-mind complex. This causes a broad range of chronic health disorders over time that adversely impacts mental, emotional, and physical balance and performance.


Unresolved stress in the mind and body can become chronic and lead to anxiety, panic disorders, depression, and behavior disorders. Unfortunately, the medications taken to address these issues can sometimes complicate matters.


Given the growing pressures in life, especially modern families, and workplaces, learning a new response to stress is not only desirable it is imperative.

Coping With Stress Program

Having worked in the world of wellness for decades, I have tested and discovered many methods for overcoming stress with my clients. I’ve developed a methods to help people find peace in their lives and freedom from the debilitating impacts of stress.


If you are looking for ways to shift perspectives, identify bad stressful habits, distinguish between stress and depression, avoid toxic people and circumstances, overcome negativity bias so you can think positively, and more, join my program.


It is your right to be happy, healthy, and free from stress and you deserve to get optimized.