happy peopleHappiness is not something that can be found, it has to be created. It isn’t something which happens by mere luck or can be bought through worldly riches, but it is a personal choice where you have to choose to be happy. The habits of incredibly happy people are what set them apart from the rest. You would do well to adopt these habits if you’re looking to inject some joy into your life.

  • Happy People are Content 

First and foremost, the most obvious thing that you’ll notice about happy people is that they are content with life. They don’t stress over minor issues and lead balanced lives. They create time to spend with their loved ones, time for their career, time for religion, etc. On the contrary, unhappy people are always stressing over things they don’t have. They have a tendency to be envious and jealous. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of longing and resentment which leads to low self-esteem and unhappiness in general.

  • Happy People respect others 

Happy people respect other people. They have open minds and are receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They show empathy and kindness and get treated the same way in return. Relationships require care and attention. They need to be nurtured in order to survive. By respecting others, happy people lead fuller lives. They show healthy ways of communicating and resolving conflicts, and connect with people wholeheartedly.

  • Happy People don’t dwell over bad things 

Bad things happen to everyone including happy people. But it is important to let go of things and start over. Happy people have the habit of moving forward rather than dwelling on minor issues that may give rise to feelings of guilt, envy or depression.

It is important to forgive others and yourself. Holding on to bad situations or grudges just reinforces negative thoughts which undermine happiness. You can achieve happiness by releasing anger when you need to. Acknowledge mistakes and release yourself from grasp of regret.

  • Happy People are more responsible 

As far as habits of incredibly happy people go, this one may sound strange but hear us out. It is true that happy people are more responsible. This means they tend to take responsibility for their actions, accept their faults and try to make improvements in their life. Unhappy people are more likely to blame other people for their unhappiness.

When you take responsibility, you’ll start enjoying what you do. You will feel a sense of ownership and pride. It will make you feel more fulfilled and less depressed. You need to find areas of interest and try to excel at what you can do best.

  • Happy people hang around with happy people 

One of the defining habits of incredibly happy people is that they want to hang out with content and cheerful people like themselves. They gravitate towards happy people and possibly shun negative people who get pushed towards solitude and misery. Happy people surround themselves with people who are supportive and compassionate. They express their feelings to their loved ones and stay in touch with them. As we said before, happiness is a choice you have to make. It is in your control. Having a happy group of people supporting you is bound to help.

  • Happy people are honest   

Happy people are honest about themselves, about their needs and will often provide candid opinions to others and expect the same in return. They don’t buy into the idea of keeping friends by being “yes men”. For them, it defeats the purpose of happiness. People are at their happiest when they know they have the right to think what they want to and speak their minds freely.

  • Happy People take care of their bodies 

A lot of people harp on about the connection between the mind and the body. You just cannot ignore one in favor of the other. The habits of incredibly happy people reinforce this view.

A healthy body means a healthy mind. Happy people are active. They incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Exercise releases hormones that lessen stress and depression. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that you need to be physically active and take care of your bodies if you want to be truly happy.