Running asian woman. Female runner training outdoors seaside athFor people who are stuck, unable to lose more weight, we’ve got here the best way to breakthrough dieter’s plateau. The dieter’s plateau is a weight-loss plateau that, once reached, is incredibly hard to overcome. It is believed that for an individual the first few pounds are the easiest to shed. The next few pounds need hard work. After that, the body reaches a point where no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

It might be that you have reached your optimal weight. Before you reached the dieter’s plateau, if you felt like you were on the right track but your weight loss program just stopped working. The best way to breakthrough dieter’s plateau is fine tuning your weight loss program. Here are a few tricks you can try:

  • Cut out bad carbs

The human body stores carbohydrates like a sponge. When you consume more carbs than are needed by the body, it transforms them to glycogen and stores them. For every gram of glycogen, the body also stores 3 to 4 grams of water. This may not be fat but is all just extra weight that your body is putting on in the form of water.

Cut out refined carbs like white bread, bakery goods, sodas, etc. Replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, or whole grains. By cutting out these bad carbs, you will stand a much better chance of losing weight beyond the plateau.

  • Improve your quality of food

In order to power through the weight loss plateau, you need to realize that the quality of your food needs to improve. You just cannot depend on processed foods anymore. You need high quality, fresh food like vegetables, fruits and lean meat to enable your body to burn more fat.

  • Go that extra mile  

Add an additional activity to your exercise routine. Maybe exercise more for 20 minutes or so. Increasing the intensity of your workout would also help you burn calories. Remember muscles mean less body fat. Build muscles, burn calories and shed that body fat.

  • Increase frequency of meals 

This is a technique used by body builders to burn fat. What they do is basically eat more than 5-6 meals a day. Research shows that the thermic effect of eating helps burn fat. In other words, the energy used to process the extra food burns fat. Your diet needs to be high protein for best results since the body expends the most energy breaking down protein.

You will need to change your workout routine to match your calorie intake to the calories you burn. But the additional energy used due to the extra eating should help you break through dieterâs plateau.

  • Cut down your calorie intake further  

One of the reasons that you can’t overcome the dieterâs plateau is that you are eating more than you think. Maintaining your calorie intake is not as easy as it sounds. Try cutting down your intake by say 100-200 calories. You can do this by moving onto a high fiber breakfast so that your appetite for lunch diminished. You could also try substituting high-calorie foods in your diet with lower calorie foods like fresh fruits instead of chips, etc. Move off of the meat and go for vegetables. Start your lunch with a salad or soup to fill up your stomach.

The fact of the matter is that there is no one way to overcome the dieter’s plateau. The best way to breakthrough dieter’s plateau is the culmination of everything we have just stated above. If you’ve tried everything, yet nothing works, it might be a hormone imbalance causing the plateau. Of course, just because you can’t lose the weight does not mean that you have a hormonal problem, but if nothing else works, talking to a physician might not be a bad idea.