Women have been dealt a cruel hand genetically, as their metabolic system makes them more prone to gaining weight compared to men. Regular weight loss programs like exercises or diets don’t tend to work because the genetic makeup of women is the actual cause behind the weight. This is where the Beta Switch system for weight loss in women comes in.

The Beta Switch program is a weight loss system for women that has been designed to counter the fact that women are predisposed to storing more fat, especially in the lower part of their bodies. It looks to address the issue at its core by helping you undertake concrete steps to tackle this predisposition.

The Beta Switch system goes against the regular run-of-the-mill weight loss programs and does not promise immediate results. In fact, it is a lifestyle-altering program that will guide you towards developing habits that help you burn that stubborn fat from your hips, tummy or thighs.

What are the Alpha and Beta Switches?

There are two switches that are involved in weight gain and weight loss. The switches are basically adrenoreceptors that are responsible for the body storing fat at a cellular level. Adrenoreceptors interact with adrenaline and decide whether to store fat or expend it as energy.

If you want to lose weight you need to switch on your beta switches and switch off your alpha switches. Research shows that women have 9 times more alpha switches then beta switches. In other words, for every one switch that is working to burn fat, there are 9 that are working to store it. No wonder women find it tougher to lose weight in their lower bodies.

The Beta Switch System is all about teaching you how to influence your body at a cellular level to turn off the beta switch.

How is the Beta Switch System different from other Weight Loss Solutions?

There are countless products out there that offer to help you shed that fat. Many of them promise instant results. This is just not possible. Most strict diets lead to a reduction in thyroid hormones –hormones that are responsible for switching on alpha switches and turning off your beta switches. These diets not only don’t work, but they could also very well lead to more weight gain.

This is where the Beta Switch system comes in. The Beta Switch system will teach you how to take control of your body. No longer do you have to be a spectator as your body decided for itself how much fat to burn and how much to store. You can take control of your switches and make all the decisions yourself.

What is the Beta Switch System for Weight Loss?

The Beta Switch System is a 12-week diet and lifestyle system that will help switch on more beta receptors in your body as opposed to alpha receptors. It includes a comprehensive diet plan that does not require you to give up your favorite foods, instead, just manage them. The program also includes a huge list of foods that can help trigger fat burning, a list of alcoholic drinks that you should avoid, and herbal remedies that will speed up the process.

The system is all about taking control of your fat burning mechanism i.e. the beta switches. It does not make irresponsible claims and is based on real science. When all is said and done, the Beta Switch system does offer something unique if you are looking for a way to shed that lower body weight fast.

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