secrets to stop agingIt’s an established fact that the human body starts to age at an accelerated rate once you cross over into your 40s, especially if you do not take care of yourself. Studies have gone as far as to suggest that we age almost 6 months more every year if we are not careful. Let that sink in for a while.

At this rate you will look and feel older much sooner than you want. No one wants to look like a 60-year-old in their 40s. The fact is that if you have a sedentary lifestyle, your muscle mass is bound to waste away and you’re going to end up with a disproportionate fat to muscle ratio. This is just a recipe for disaster. So what do you have to do to look your age or even younger than you are?

The good news is that even if you have been leading an unhealthy life up to this point, you can reverse the damage. You can still incorporate things that can help you look and feel younger. That’s the message of the Old School New Body System reviewed here.

The Old School New Body System has been designed by industry experts with a focus on reversing the aging process. It goes against the grain insofar that it does not focus solely on diet and exercise. It is about much more than that. The system goes above and beyond the usual claims of burning excess fat and building muscles. It is about tuning the body to feel good on a cellular level by changing certain things that have a bad effect on it.

The Old School New Body system claims that all you need are 5 steps to look younger – a claim which seems to have been laid on a solid foundation. Let’s take a look at what that is.

  • Step 1: Get Rid of Low Fat Diets

The Old School New Body system emphasizes what many experts, including myself, have been saying for a while. Fats are good for you and you need to stop with the low fat food nonsense.Fats are important because they are a major source of energy, growth, healthy skin, vitamin dissolution, and the production of various important hormones like testosterone. You just can’t stop using them altogether.

  • Step 2: Stop Running in Circles

Most of us believe that by hopping onto a treadmill and running for an hour or so every day can help us be fitter. The Old School New Body system thinks differently. It believes there are other, more efficient ways for cardiovascular conditioning. They say that the regular cardio exercises we do, might actually promote ageing since they increase free radicals in the body.

  • Step 3: Stop Blaming Everything On Age

Most of the time, how we look and feel is an embodiment of how we think. If we believe that we are ageing and keep blaming our body shape and fitness on it, we are bound to feel aged. The Old School New Body system emphasizes on getting your mindset right.

  • Step 4: Avoid Chronic Dehydration

The fourth step is about maintaining a healthy intake of water. As long you drink water regularly, at least 8-12 glasses every day, you should look and feel younger. The body needs water for a huge range of functions in the body including helping the kidney function and keeping the skin healthy.

  • Step 5: Exercise Less ButEfficiently Using The F4X Training System

The last and most potent step of the Old School New Body system involves working out for a shorter period of time but by incorporating resistance training. They have specific training system for this called the F4X training system. It includes 4 specific resistance training exercises that will burn fat faster and just take up a few minutes of your time everyday.

The 5 steps of the Old School New Body system are all technically sound and should help you look younger in no time. You can learn more and get started on the system by clicking here.

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