Whether you are a smoker or not, this post is worth a read. Many smokers spend time and money seeking ways to quit. It’s a tough time to be a smoker. What was once at the height of sophistication in Hollywood films and in social gatherings is now socially unaccepted.

People openly express their disgust at the smell of cigarettes. Being a smoker is hard enough without the shame inflicted by others. It is not as if smokers don’t know that smoking is bad for their own health and others.

Addiction to Cigarettes Is Really Challenging

Addiction is challenging, and smoking is not only physically addicting. It is also a habit and it becomes a conditioned part of one’s daily life.

Pause for a moment to consider all the ways smoking affects your life. Your health, the odor of cigarette smoke, dulled senses of smell and taste, yellowed nails, teeth and hair, people who you love not wanting to spend time with you, the time and money you spend on smoking…

Now, read these questions and think about your answers for a moment:

1. What if you could wake up every morning morning feeling refreshed with lots of energy, instead of wheezing, hacking, and coughing?
2l How will you feel when you will start to notice a major improvement in your mental clarity, memory, & concentration?
3. What if you could eliminate your nagging concerns about what smoking means for your long-term health?

If you are a smoker or if you have a loved one who smokes, quitting is possible. It’s not too late for you.

Why Choose Clinical Hypnosis?

If you are truly going to free your mind and body from one of the most powerful addictions known to man, it’s critical you understand the science behind what’s going on in your body. As a Clinical Hypnotist, I am passionate about helping people break free from their addictions.

Clinical Hypnosis has an 85% success rate, when it is combined with neural reprogramming.
If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, or if you are not comfortable coming to see me at my clinic, my virtual program is for you. It includes multiple videos, virtual coaching sessions, and strategies to support you through your quit-smoking journey.

I know what’s possible because I have helped thousands of people find freedom from smoking to lead happier, healthier lives. Clinical Hypnosis is different from anything you have tried to help you quit smoking. It operates at the deepest level possible: the level of your subconscious mind.

With Clinical Hypnosis, we can find and “remove” the hooks that control your desire to smoke.

Breaking Free From the Chains of Addiction to Cigarettes

What I am saying is yes, if you really want to be free from cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine, you can be. Even if you have failed in the past, you can do this. I believe in you, I believe in science and I’ve seen the results.

Here is the link to my online virtual clinic. Take another deep breath and get ready for the first step into your happier, healthier life free from addiction.