sleep musicMany people discover that they fall asleep quickly without trouble, but they wake up early in the morning and fail to get back to sleep again. According to medical research, a quality sleep is necessary for good mental as well as physical health.

Waking up from sleep in the night means we receive less of the required flexible slow wave sleep that we need to become refreshed. If this occurs to you may find your mind alert and sleepy at the same time, yet unable to fall asleep again. I am going to share with you some fabulous ideas about how to get back to sleep again. So, let’s start.

Don’t Wake Up

You have to remain as unstimulated as possible to allow your body flow back into the mode of sleep. But, if you really need to wake up, then use as little brightness as possible.

Don’t Consume Any Snack

Some people think that consuming snacks in the middle of the night can help to bring sleep back again. This is absolutely wrong. A midnight snack will activate digestion, not help you sleep and can cause more sleep breaks in the future. Also, this meal can cause you to gain excess weight. So avoid this.

I do have a secret trick for you. If you can balance your blood sugar levels by consuming a little amount of carb, protein or fat, you will be able to get back to sleep quickly. Here are my food suggestions for you which can help you with this trick. Try any of these no sooner than two hours before bedtime.

  • 1 tbsp almond butter and one banana
  • Turkey (fresh, but not processed)
  • 1 tbsp raw honey
  • Sweet potato
  • Whey protein shake
  • Fresh cherries or you can try unsweetened tart juice
  • Little handful of almond nuts or walnuts
  • Kiwi, grapes, and pineapples
  • Egg (scrambled or hard boiled or fried)
  • Almond milk with gluten-free oatmeal

Use Face Mask

Usually, when we try to fall asleep again, we face some light issues (table lamp, nightlight, light from another room or street lighting) that can delay you from getting back to sleep. So, in this case, you can use a face mask. By wearing this, you will be able to block out any kind of light plus encourage some healthy REM sleep.

Avoid Movement

When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, try to remain in the sleep position as movement stimulates your brain as well as the body. If you stay in your sleep position, it will help you to get back to sleep again.

Try Listening to Soft, Slow Music

Allow your brain to concentrate on something such as soft slow music like baroque or new age music, etc. This helps to decrease your anxiety about not sleeping and get back to the sleep.

Apply Progressive Relaxation Technique

To decrease the muscle tension, progressive relaxation is an excellent technique. It works by concentrating on releasing one particular muscle group at the same time, by holding tension in that area while you inhale, then release that tension on the exhale. You can pay particular attention to areas of known tension, like between your shoulder blades, or the back of the neck. When you hold tension in the muscles, it send signals to the brain that it has to pay attention to that muscle, then when you release the tension on the exhale, it sends the signal to the muscle to relax. When you reduce your muscle tension this way, it sends a signal to your brain that it is time to relax back to sleep asleep.

To perform this technique, be calm and quiet. Take long deep breaths again and again. Continue this process for 5 to 10 minutes. You will get back to sleep again.

Store the Darkness

Keep the darkness of your room when you wake up from sleep. Get a tiny book light or small flashlight close to your bed as well as use it to walk to the bathroom, or set a dim light in your bathroom and keep the door opened. This will help you to get your way there. Remember not to turn on the overhead light of your bathroom or bedroom when you awaken.