What is Anxiety?

A little bit of anxiety is normal, and most people experience anxiety from time to time. Fear, terror, panic and intense worry about every day things are symptoms of the deeper impacts of anxiety.

This can cause withdrawal and avoidance from living fully and from connecting with those you love. Anxiety can prevent you from stepping into your potential and from being fully present in relationships. It can lead to more serious problems and it can act as an obstacle that stops you from being present to your life.

Regardless of the level of anxiety you are experiencing, it can be overcome.

How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

What is the difference between ‘regular anxiety’ and more serious anxiety, and anxiety disorders?

Some symptoms of anxiety include:

Excessive Worrying
Feeling Agitated
Difficulty Concentrating
Tense Muscles
Trouble Sleeping
Panic Attacks/Anxiety Attacks
Avoiding Social Situations

Anxiety impacts your mental health and wellness. Becoming aware of your anxiety, and identifying the impact in your life is the first step.

Overcoming Anxiety

Choosing to overcome anxiety is a huge step. It takes courage to look at yourself and admit that something isn’t right. When it comes to anxiety, which is accompanied by fear, this takes extra courage to acknowledge.

If you are noticing the impacts of anxiety in your life as you are reading this post, pause for a moment to recognize your courage.

Overcoming anxiety will help you lower stress and enjoy greater success in your life. Strategies to overcome anxiety in my anti-anxiety formula program. Your anxiety can end!

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