healthy brain happy lifeMost of us have been conditioned to worry about the health of our body having been told that this is necessary for leading long, fulfilling lives. But one thing many of us ignore is that a healthy brain is equally, if not more, important for a long and happy life. Our life is spent in the pursuit of happiness, and it’s quite remarkable that you can attain that by just making sure you have a healthy brain.

A healthy brain is vital if you want to be happy. Happiness is crucial for a healthy brain.

The brain’s design is such that it pushes you towards happiness if you give it a chance. The chemical factory of the brain encourages you to be happy by rewarding you. A healthy brain means that nerve connections and therefore the ability of the brain to do its job including promoting happiness is much better. In short, a healthy mind means your creativity, analytical skills, as well as observation, are at the optimum level.

Here are some tips for a healthy brain which can lead you to happiness:

  • A Healthy Diet Leads To a Healthy Brain 

It is quite obvious that some foods can lead to a healthier brain. Studies show that diets high in sugar and saturated fats are unhealthy. Excessive sugar consumption has even been shown to impair brain function and lead to degenerative brain conditions.

It is recommended that you move to a high-vegetable diet. Olive oil is known to do wonders for brain health as well. Many researchers feel that a Mediterranean diet, which contains high vegetable and olive oil content, is ideal for a healthy brain.

  • Physical and Mental Activity Are Essential For Brain Health 

Physical and mental exercise are both correlated to the health of your brain. Exercising regularly is good for your body on so many levels, and when you add a healthy brain to the mix, there is just no real excuse for you not to do it. Physical exercise improves blood flow to the brain and other vital organs of the body. This is essential for the healthy growth of brain cells and connections within the brain.

You must remember that the brain is like every other muscle in the body. The more you use it, the much better it gets. You need to challenge your brain and keep it active if you want a healthy brain. Research shows that a brain that is intellectually challenged, applied in learning new skills, is bound to be healthy.

  • Kick Your Addictions 

Cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis or any other addiction you may have, are bad news for your brain. Addictions tend to damage brain tissue and can even lead to mental health problems later in life. Research even suggests that social drinking could have a detrimental effect on brain health. Putting that aside, if you want to be happy and want a healthy brain, you need to cut out these bad habits.

You have to realize that happiness is not possible if you don’t have a fully functional brain. The brain not only controls your thinking, memory and logic but also your motor skills. In the short term, addictions may not seem to be causing many problems. But in the long-term they can wreak havoc.

  • You Need To Relax 

Stress is a killer for the brain. The stress hormone, cortisol and prolonged elevated levels of it are just not good for the brain. Furthermore, stress can lead to premature aging and age related health problems. Try being happy when you’re facing so many health concerns!

The good news is that you can learn to deal with stress. Adopt one of the many relaxation techniques out there. You have meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, etc. all of which teach you to minimize stress and relax. Relaxation is vital for a healthy brain.