Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

With a stronger focus on preventive health trending in our society, it is no wonder that more people are taking the time to examine their lifestyles and make healthier choices. The decision to quit smoking can be a major one, not just because of the health benefits that it represents, but also due to the emotional factors that are also involved. What is unfortunate is that when a person does not reach first time success in quitting, the individuals around that person will often take it as a sign that there is no real commitment to health or change.

Of course, this could not be further from the truth, but the problem is that while the intent to quit may be fully present, the actual motivation is being internally sabotaged. What outside observers fail to see is that the struggle in quitting has a basis in the initial trigger to pick up the habit. This is also where hypnosis to quit smoking can become a powerful tool to success.

Understanding The Human Condition

Although it is appropriate to state that smoking is both a physical and an emotional addiction, it is also important to understand the basis of any addiction. From a holistic perspective, every being gravitates towards that which brings comfort, and shuns that which causes pain. When pain does occur, that which brings comfort can become a crutch that is used to the point of reliance. Once a person has established this reliance, they have also given power to whatever that substance or behavior is.

This is very similar to the way that children learn as they develop, in that reinforcements of certain behaviors will lead to the continuation of that behavior. If a person has a cigarette every time they take a break, they will also begin to crave a cigarette every time they need a break. In a person’s mind, the relationship is both reciprocal and interchangeable. In this manner, the emotional dependence is initially established.

The second important point relates back to reactions to pain, as at its core all addictions are a facsimile to fill whatever wound or lack exists as a result of the pain. Of course, while the intent to quit can still be present, the fear of how to manage pain without the crutch can also generate a means of mental sabotage. This concern over the unknown can then create further pain, which simply restarts the cycle of smoking addiction.

This is also why many people may succeed at quitting for a while, but find that the full severing of ties with cigarettes is not a possibility yet. However, people should also know that the use of hypnosis in quitting smoking works at the heart of these issues and with self perception in order to generate change. Smokers who have the intent to quit can start the journey of healthy transformation by taking the Quit Smoking Vulnerability Quiz.

Tapping Into Deeper Causality

Using hypnosis to quit smoking addresses these deeper emotional causes that can generate blockages to change within the personality. Although there can certainly be an attached therapeutic effect that is also positive for other healthy lifestyle choices, hypnosis for quitting smoking is not actual psychotherapy. However, the impact is still that it facilitates the ability to move beyond these internally generated challenges and achieve the success that is desired. This is particularly important in breaking the cycle of addiction, because it helps to break the attachment that a person has to smoking, and this can allow inherent motivation to have a stronger impact.

This can also be highly applicable since one aspect of attachment is the manner in which people see behaviors and habits as an innate part of the personality. As previously mentioned, individuals will develop perspectives of the self which are based on external feedback or reinforcement. As habits become more deeply ingrained, it is also the result that the person begins to simply accept the habit as who they are.

Unfortunately, this can also be a part of the challenge to quitting smoking in general, as the “smoker” personality facet becomes more ingrained. This also results in part of the fear of change that can be an obstacle, as people become concerned that they will lose a part of themselves in making this wellness transition.

Ready To Quit Smoking

Becoming More Of The Self

By starting the healthy transformation, smokers can find that they will be able to make this transition, while also discovering that they can be more complete individuals as a result. This is also important to realize, as one of the common mis-conceptions about hypnosis is that it can make people do things against their will. However, the truly powerful aspect of hypnosis in quitting smoking is that it simply supports people in doing something for which they already have the intent.

What hypnosis can do is to tap into that part of self which is ready to change and desires to quit smoking. By subtly reinforcing this intent, the sessions also help to quiet the obstacles that arise from inner feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty of the unknown. By providing the positive reinforcement for beneficial change while also lessening the impact of internal blockages, the person will gain the emotional tools and resources to stay true to their work towards personal change.

In this manner, it is also important for candidates who are interested in quitting smoking through hypnosis to also understand that the process is collaborative. Both the willingness of the smoker to quit, and the support provided through hypnosis become the basis for actions which are change. This concept also further reinforces the fact that clients are never out of control of themselves, but rather, they are actually learning how to stand more firmly in their own personal power. This makes the use of hypnosis for quitting smoking a powerful resource that makes use of individual motivation and acceptance for change as the foundation for success.

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