Tip-23: Quitting Smoking and Surgery

My name is Joseph Giove. I’m a biomedical engineer and a clinical hypnotist. I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking over the last twenty five years. I created this video series to help you become free of the habit an addiction of smoking cigarettes.

quitting smoking before surgery. Smokers have an increased risk of cardiac, respiratory and wound related complications as a result of surgery. So I strongly recommend, and most doctors and anesthesiologists would also recommend, that you quit smoking at least 3-4 weeks before your surgery.

The good news is that carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that you get from smoking, decreases significantly within the first 12 hours after quitting. But you do really want to give your body 3 to 4 weeks after quitting smoking before you enter into the surgery.

Take action now to be free. If you need assistance, I help people all over the world through phone sessions and private sessions at my clinic in Northern California.Feel free to call my office at 925-215-4017 or contact me here and get ready to enjoy your freedom.

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