Tip-12: How To Avoid Gaining Weight After You Stop Smoking Cigarettes

My name is Joseph Giove. I’m a biomedical engineer and a clinical hypnotist. I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking over the last twenty five years. I created this video series to help you become free of the habit an addiction of smoking cigarettes.

How to avoid gaining weight after you stop smoking? Getting weight after quitting smoking is really a myth. Some people gain weight; some people lose weight other people there is no change whatsoever.

The people who gain weight don’t quit properly. What they do is that they replace one bad habit with another. If any of you go to AA meetings you can see someone will stop drinking alcohol and then pick up smoking cigarettes. Some people if they stop smoking cigarettes, they pick up over eating. So that is not properly and effectively quitting an addiction or a habit.

What you want to do is listen to my other videos in this series. Listen to every single one of them and make sure that when you stop smoking you very deliberatelychange to a positive habit to fill the space in your life that was previously taken up with cigarettes. And be real about it: smoking 20 cigarettes a day takes about an hour-and-a-half to two hours depending on how fast you smoke a cigarette. So you can’t leave a vacuum in your life; you have to deliberately fill that time with other activities, other healthy, constructive activities; not overeating, not over drinking, not smoking pot. Be deliberate about it and fill that time up with positive, healthy and constructive activities. This is how you quit smoking and stay healthy, and not gain weight.

Take action now to be free. If you need assistance, I help people all over the world through phone sessions and private sessions at my clinic in Northern California. Feel free to call my office at 925-215-4017 or contact me here and get ready to enjoy your freedom.

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