Tip-17: Can I Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

My name is Joseph Giove. I’m a biomedical engineer and a clinical hypnotist. I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking over the last twenty five years. I created this video series to help you become free of the habit an addiction of smoking cigarettes.

Yes. And is not hard when you approach stopping smoking the proper way. I know you have probably tried over and over again to quit smoking and have failed. That is only because you have not approached it the proper way. The proper approach is given in this video series and let me tell you straight up that you have not failed because you lacked will power or you are trying to kill yourself and any of that nonsense. You have not succeeded because you have not approached quitting smoking the right way.

You have not recognized the power of your sub-conscious mind and habit-contribution to the process of smoking cigarettes. Recognize that belief and expectation are physiological. Your belief about quitting smoking becomes part of the physiological process of quitting. So first, before even you pick your quit day, adjust your belief so that you do believe you can quit smoking. You can do that because not a cell in your body wants another hit of nicotine poison.

Your body has been trying to make you a non-smoker between every cigarette you have ever smoked. Just get over the fear, get over the fear of losing a so-called friend. That is it. You are not losing a friend. If a cigarette was ever a friend it is the worst kind of friend you could possibly have. One that told you it could do all these good things for you: help you get going in the morning, help you deal with stress and anxiety, help you deal with boredom. All that is the lie of addiction. Those are false associations.

Just make up your mind to do it, get over the fear, believe you can and do it.

Take action now to be free. If you need assistance, I help people all over the world through phone sessions and private sessions at my clinic in Northern California.Feel free to call my office at 925-215-4017 or contact me here and get ready to enjoy your freedom.

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