"3 Secrets To Quit Smoking In 24 Hours Without Addictive Alternatives or Weight Gain"
Discover how to finally beat the cravings so you can live a happier, healthier life today
What You're Going To Discover
The REAL Reason It’s Virtually Impossible To Escape Nicotine's Control Over Your Brain (and how to beat the habit for good)
How To Immediately Eliminate Your Daily Smoking Urges With 1 Weird Yet Effective Trick
How To Detoxify Your Body, Drain Your Brain Of Nicotine & Free Your Mind in Less Than A Week
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Hello Doc, it’s been almost two years since we last spoke.
I am one of your success stories. After our 1st session I have never smoked again (not even a drag). Thank You…you’re great, I swear by you!
L. Cooley
It’s been 4 months and I am still completely amazed with the results
I still can’t believe how easy it is for me not to smoke, there is just no compulsion. The session has paid for itself twice already with the money I have saved from quitting smoking. It was the easiest thing in the world.”
N. Devengenzo
Guess what? I am a former smoker.
Just wanted to reach out to say thanks. After that first shaky 48 hours, I have been great! Very little if any cravings after the first month. YEAH! You rock!
D. Lungu
All testimonials are unsolicited and solely the experiences of those offering their testimony. Individual results vary, depending on many factors
About Joseph Giove
Hi, I’m Joseph Giove.

In the last 30 years I have helped thousands of people worldwide defeat addiction and quit smoking by combining the power of neural reprogramming with neuroscience.

My background working with NASA and heading a biomedical research firm gave me a unique perspective on how our brains and bodies work together for optimal health and recovery.

This experience allowed me to develop a unique approach to mind-body wellness. One that allows you to accomplish virtually any goal by tapping into the energy stored in your subconscious…and basically “reprogramming yourself” to do it.

You already have everything you need to quit smoking. I’m just here to help you unlock it.