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Insomniac: Ultimate Sleep Therapy Video Upgrade With Virtual Clinic Sessions

Improve your sleep quality in HALF THE TIME!

Why Get This Upgrade?

Get an additional 160 minutes of expert instruction via video and audio to reduce your anxiety and stress, lower your blood pressure and give you an amazing sense of calm that naturally leads to better sleep.

Discover the secrets revealed inside Insomnia Sleep Therapy with more clarity so you can easily implement the action steps.

Get UNLIMITED access to future upgrades for FREE, for LIFE!

Think of this upgrade as a LIVE workshop where I'll guide you by the hand and show you step-by-step as if I'm right beside you.

Experience personal mentorship that speaks to you, guides you, and grabs your attention with visual graphics.

PLUS I'll include six Virtual Clinic Sessions on Stress Mastery, the Special Dolphin Breathing Technique, a 30-minute Guided Active Relaxation mp3 recording and a 30-minute Nighttime Relax-to-Sleep hypnotic mp3 recording.

Here's What You're Getting Inside
This Video & Virtual Clinic Upgrade:

You Get 11 Premium Quality Videos of Insomniac: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy with Virtual Clinic Sessions & 2 Guided Relaxation Audio Recordings

Video 1: Introduction

Duration: 1:47 min

Video 2: The Science Behind Insomnia

Duration: 9:17 min

Video 3: The Brain Of An Insomniac

Duration: 9:44 min

Video 4: Sleepstarved - The Devil

Duration: 8:55 min

Video 5: The Cure: Natural & Artificial Remedy

Duration: 9:40 min

Video 6: Lifestyle Modification For Insomniac

Duration: 5:16 min

Video 7: Switching Off

Duration: 6:47 min


Virtual Clinic Session - Video 8: Stress Mastery – Pressure vs. Stress

In this video workshop you will discover why it’s so important to know the difference between pressure and stress. How this understanding completely shifts your relationship with the stressors in your life that give rise to anxiety and sleeplessness...with near immediate reduction in anxiety and how you feel stress.

Duration: 16:49 min


Virtual Clinic Session - Video 9: The Dolphin Breathing Technique

In this video workshop you will discover a unique method that will begin to reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure, help you breathe easier, and relieve anxiety in 72 hours or less!

Duration: 5:12 min


Virtual Clinic Session - Video 10: The Dolphin Breath Practice

In this video workshop we will practice the powerful Dolphin Breath so you can become a master of using your breath to eliminate stress and anxiety and sleep better. Included is a Dolphin Breath Cheat Sheet to guide you how to use this special breathing technique throughout your day.

Duration: 11:49 min


Dolphin Breath Cheat Sheet


Virtual Clinic Session - Downloadable Audio Recording:  Guided Active Relaxation

This 33-minute hypnotic active relaxation session is designed to maximize the relaxation of your mind and body. Download it to your phone or tablet and listen anywhere to drastically lower your stress, eliminate anxiety and lower your blood pressure on demand.

Duration: 33:41 min


Virtual Clinic Session - Video 11: Getting To Sleep & Staying Asleep - Sleep Hygiene

Expert guidance and tips based on sleep research for ensuring you can get to sleep and stay asleep.

Duration: 9:13 min


Getting To Sleep & Staying Asleep - Sleep Hygiene Cheat Sheet


Virtual Clinic Session - Downloadable Audio Recording: Nighttime Relax To Sleep

This 30-minute powerfully relaxing hypnotic sleep session gently guides you naturally into the sleep state and bypasses any psychological resistance you may have to sleep. The soothing story-telling voice guides your brain and body to emulate the very process they enter naturally to sleep. You can use this to get to sleep, get back to sleep or any time you want to deeply relax.

Duration: 30:00 min

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