Monday , December 11 2017


Maximizing the Afterburn Effect

early morning workout benefits

There are many different theories about the best time of day to workout. Many people choose their workout regimen based on their work schedule, but this could result in not getting the most out of your workout. While you need to get motivated to exercise, the time of day can …

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The Benefits of Functional Fitness


A good number of people exercise to add to their quality of life, and that’s where the benefits of functional fitness come into play. Functional fitness does not focus on athlete level fitness; it is not meant to improve sports performance or offer extraordinary muscle development. What functional exercise does …

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Speeding Up Metabolism


Speeding up metabolism will burn calories faster and allow you to lose weight more efficiently. Everybody wants to lose a few pounds now and then, especially for summer! Most people go straight to the gym, do a crash diet, or both. After a few months, people either give up or …

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Top 5 Fitness Trackers

fitness tracker

In a world where fitness trackers have become almost essential to track health and lifestyle related information, we bring you our list of the top 5 fitness trackers. These state-of-the-art fitness trackers allow you access to a plethora of information at your fingertips. Information like the number of calories burnt, …

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How To Get Motivated for Morning Workouts


How to get motivated for morning workouts? That is a question that anyone who has ever tried to get out of bed early in the morning to exercise needs answering. You go to sleep all pumped and ready to wake up early the next day and workout, but when the …

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How Your Level of Activity Affects Your Metabolic Rate

metabolic rate

A person’s metabolic rate is dependant on many things. Most of these factors are out of our control. However, the one’s that we can control are diet and, more importantly, exercise. Many people are quick to say that their metabolism is the reason they cannot lose weight. Specifically, that it …

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High-Intensity Interval Training Benefits

Cardio Workout

High-intensity interval training benefits outweigh the advantages of other endurance workouts making it one of the most efficient training regimes out there. High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a kind of a cardio-respiratory workout that focuses on periods of brief high-intensity training alternated with recovery periods. It is a technique …

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Burst Training

jumping rope

A new and exciting technique for losing weight and burning belly fat is called burst training. People have been trying and failing with various exercises to lose weight for many years now. Now science is getting more involved, and the research being done is making it easier to understand how …

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Best Time of Day to Work Out

There are many different theories regarding what is the best time of day to work out. While there are a few theories that come from scientific studies about the body’s chemistry, most experts say that best the time of day when people’s bodies are the most effective is up to …

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Benefits of Adding Strength training to your Aerobics Workout

aerobics workout

Strength training is also known as resistance training which refers to the strengthening of muscles while resisting force, and as such, there are quite a few benefits of adding strength training to your aerobics workout. Strength training usually includes both isometric resistance and isotonic strength training. Isometric resistance is carried …

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