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Joseph R Giove is a MindBody Wellness Coach, biomedical engineer and clinical hypnotist. For over 30 years he has helped people in all areas of health and fitness including weight loss, exercise physiology, addiction, stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, diabetes, nutrition, chronic pain, and more. He offers a unique understanding of the mind and body to help you renew, recover from illness, and live optimally with vitality and vigor.

What’s the Difference between an Addiction and a Habit

While most of us often use the words addiction and habit interchangeably, the fact is that the two are entirely different. Addiction is a compulsive dependence on anything, whether it is a substance or action that hinders your life in a major way. Habits, on the other hand, can be …

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How Exercise Helps Mood and Motivation

exercise mood motivation

Exercise helps mood and motivation! We are not just saying that. There is enormous clinical evidence that supports the assertion. Yet, many psychologists still don’t recommend it as a course for improving mental health. The fact is, and most of us have experienced it, after a stressful day at work …

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Why Should You Take Time for Yourself

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married. Life just doesn’t give you enough time to manage your relationships and the expectations that come with them with your personal life. Be it a girlfriend, wife, mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, workmates, finding any time for yourself is almost impossible. But …

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REVIEW: The Beta Switch, Weight Loss Lifestyle System For Women

Women have been dealt a cruel hand genetically, as their metabolic system makes them more prone to gaining weight compared to men. Regular weight loss programs like exercises or diets don’t tend to work because the genetic makeup of women is the actual cause behind the weight. This is where …

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5 Easy Tips For A Happy Brain

happy brain

The human brain is responsible for almost everything that our bodies and mind can do. From being able to feel to being able to move, think, memory, feelings of love, hate, everything is due to the brain. A happy brain leads to a happy life. Having said that, most of …

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REVIEW: Reducing Stress With Zox Pro, Improve Your Life In More Ways Than You Imagined!

The human mind is a powerful thing. The world as you perceive it is what really matters and it is the brain that is responsible for these perceptions. The brain collects information from the surroundings and processes it, allowing you to make decisions which you think are best in those …

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Maximizing the Afterburn Effect

early morning workout benefits

There are many different theories about the best time of day to workout. Many people choose their workout regimen based on their work schedule, but this could result in not getting the most out of your workout. While you need to get motivated to exercise, the time of day can …

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How To De-Stress After Work


It is no secret that there is stress in the workplace. Unless you are one of the extremely lucky people that absolutely loves what they do everyday, you probably have to deal with at least some stress at work. A lot of people that have stress at the workplace end …

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REVIEW: Old School New Body, 5 Steps to Looking Ten Years Younger

It’s an established fact that the human body starts to age at an accelerated rate once you cross over into your 40s, especially if you do not take care of yourself. Studies have gone as far as to suggest that we age almost 6 months more every year if we …

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The Chemical Messengers of Love

Many people believe that the heart is responsible for love, well, that is not the case. The brain produces chemical messengers of love which are responsible for a whole range of emotions we feel during the act of love. When they say that a couple has chemistry, they couldn’t be …

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